Monday, November 3, 2014

My Farmhouse Dreams


Hey my friends.


Happy November to you!


There are some new things going on over here that I wanted to share with you.  First off, I have changed my face book page to the name I am doing many things under now…Farmhouse Dreams.


Have I told you before where this name, Farmhouse Dreams, came from? 


It’s a pretty simple reason that I chose it.


I dream of living in a beautiful old farmhouse someday.  Until then, or even if that day never comes,  I will fill our traditional home with wonderful farmhouse treasures.


I also chose that name because it is how I “do what I do”.  How crazy did that just sound?  When I say that, I mean that it’s how I pick for barn sales and markets.  It’s the way I recently decorated someone’s home.  It’s also the style I used in a barn wedding reception I just did. The farmhouse or prairie style is what I enjoy doing the most.  It’s what I envision.  It’s what I have fun with.  It’s what I find so much beauty in.  It’s what I love.


Thus, the many reasons I have become Farmhouse Dreams.


At this point, my blog title will not change completely.  I did, however, want my face book page to represent more of the style that defines me the most.


So, having said all of this…I would love for you to go over to my newly named facebook page and LIKE it.


If you don’t mind, would you please take a minute and go to my Farmhouse Dreams facebook page and hit like. Thanks so much.  Now, you can keep up with some of the new adventures that the Lord is taking me on.  It’s good stuff, and I am thankful.


I want to show you a few photos of something I am preparing for right now.


chalkboard 2


My daughters and I are preparing for our first Farmhouse Dreams booth that will be at A Very Vintage Christmas Market this upcoming weekend in Gallatin, Tennessee.  We can’t wait. 


I have been picking for months now for this sale and a barn sale in Louisiana that I will be attending towards the end of November. 


Check out a few of the smalls I have picked up.






seltzer bottle


These are just a few little teaser photos.  I have found some great things that will be at both of these sales and I cannot wait to set them all up.


Can you guess the theme of my first Farmhouse Dreams booth?


A Farmhouse Christmas! 


Blessings my friend…enormous, beyond measure, blessings.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Touch of Fall

Hello to those of you who have stuck around even though I show up so little.


As with so many, blogging has taken a back to seat to so many other things going on in my life.


However, I do miss all my blogging friends and love to stop in when I have something I think you might want to see.


I don’t do much fall decorating.  I usually bring out a couple of my favorite pumpkins, pull out some old quilts I have collected over the last few years, and pull out a few darker, heavier accessories.


My living room is about all that gets fall touches on the inside.


scale 1


scale 3


Check out my new scale I brought back from Canton, Texas.




My papa with a mama and her calf…many many years ago.


fireplace 3


mantel 1


mantel 2


side table 1


lr 2


lr 1


Not much fall décor but just enough…


Blessings to you all.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Hey friends. 


Spending a little time today on my computer and thought I would show you a couple of my favorite things right now in our living room.




sofa table 1


sofa 1


Love the statement they make on a large wall.


I actually bought both sets of these shutters for an upcoming barnsale.  Yeah, you can see they aren’t going to make it to the sale.  I am going to be doing the endless yardsale the next two days so maybe, just maybe, I’ll find some more that will be sold.


Take care friends.  God bless.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vignettes..What a Strange Word

Vignette…any small endearing scene, view, picture, etc


Honestly, I had never heard that word until about five years ago and now I seem to say it all the time.   


I love creating vignettes.  That’s my thing.  It’s fun for me. 


I went around my house today taking photos of some of my favorite little vignettes in my house right now.


I have had a little extra time this week so I have cleaned a little deeper, fluffed a little, and actually took some photographs.  And now…I am writing a blog post.  Man, they always come few and far between now.


So thankful for Instagram and facebook so I can still keep up with all of my blogging buddies.


By the way…how are you?  I hope you are GREAT!!!


Okay, so now for a few photos of vignettes.  (how many times have I typed that word now?)  A BUNCH…

























It is so hard for me to photograph big areas.  Taking photos of these smaller little vignettes just works so much better for me.


Enough already about vignettes….


I do hope you are all doing wonderful.  I pray your summer has been grand and that you feel the presence of the Lord all around you.   I pray His blessings be poured out upon you over and over.


I am great!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Favorite Thing…One Photo Post

Hey my friends!


A day to myself meant a little extra clean up around the house and a few minor things moved from here to there.


I do very little fluffing in my house right now because I’m usually fluffing at the shop I help at.    Such fun.




I had to show you one of my favorite things that my husband gave me recently.


Mind you, it is not old.   I do have an old one but it doesn’t work (yet).


lr 16


I love this little telephone. 


No, it’s not convenient, but that doesn’t really matter when it looks so great.


I love old rotary phones.  I love the sound the numbers make as they turn their circle.    I have the perfect rotary dial phone that reminds me of the one my grandparents had growing up.  I just have to figure out where to take it to have it fixed.


A favorite gift from my sweet husband who knows me oh so well.


By the way, the barnsale we participated in last weekend was fabulous!  What a great first sale for us.  Yes, we will definitely be doing it again! 


Be blessed beyond measure my friends.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ironstone or Not

Hey friends. 


Busy preparing for my first ever real life barnsale and I can’t wait!!


Myself, along with the owners of the shop, High Cotton, where I spend a lot of my time now, are participating in Sweet Ila Mae’s barn sale in Quebeck, Tennessee, June 6-8.  We are totally excited.  We have picked and picked, planned, prepared, and prayed our way through the preparations and are ready to get our barnsale on. 


One of our favorite things to shop for has been great old ironstone pieces.  The thing is, I love it all myself so I have had to keep a few pieces just for me.  The other thing is, I really don’t have to have just ironstone because I just love old white dishes in general.  All of the beautiful crazing, chips, glued on handles, I love it all. 


dishes 1


Such character can be found in each and every piece.  Don’t you agree?


dishes 2


The stack of bowls reminds me of layers of ruffles.


The pie stand showcases the varying shades of white that I have grown to love in my dishes, my home, and even my wardrobe.


dishes 3


Yes, there’s even a potty on my buffet.  Love it too.


If you are in middle Tennessee on the weekend of June 6-8, head on over to Sweet Ila Mae’s in Quebeck, TN, and look for the booth filled with great farmhouse finds and bundles and bundles of beautiful cotton and wonderful lavender. 


Blessings sweet friends.  Don’t ever forget that you are loved by the Creator of the universe.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Grainsacks, a Salz Box, and a Fly Catcher

A simple hallway, that is hard to photograph, is the home to a few of my very favorite things.


grainsacks 1


grainsacks 4


grainsacks 7


grainsacks 8


grainsacks 9


Old scales, small white pitchers, beautiful grainsacks, a salz box filled with lavendar, a dirty vintage fly catcher, chippy white shelves filled with old linens, a great old peg rack, an old mama swan with her babies gifted to me by my brother on my 45th birthday…


Just a few of my favorite things.


I sure hope you are all doing well.